Healthy Montgomery Data Reveals Local Health Disparities

November 28, 2013

Data compiled by Healthy Montgomery, the County’s health improvement process within the Department of Health and Human Service, shows that the 20912 zip code (Takoma Park and Long Branch) is tied for the highest age-adjusted hospitalization rate for diabetes in Montgomery County.  The hospitalization rate is 25.0 hospitalizations per 10,000 people.[1]   This is more than double the county wide rate, which is 11.6 hospitalizations per 10,000.  The 20903 zip code (Long Branch and areas north of Takoma Park) also has a very high diabetes hospitalization rate of 23.1 per 10,000.  Healthy Montgomery also reports that the County -wide diabetes hospitalization rate for “Black or African Americans” is about 4 times higher than it is for “Whites” (30.9 vs 7.8).[2]  These calculations are based on data from 2009 to 2011.


The data also shows that the 20912 and 20903 zip codes also have high hospitalization rates for the”Age adjusted Hospitalization Rate due to Long term Complications from Diabetes”