Testimony before State Legislators on Takoma Park and Long Branch Goals

December 23, 2016

On December 6, 2012 I testified at a special Takoma Park City Council meeting before the City Council and the District 20 Maryland state legislative delegation about priority legislative goals for the coming Maryland State legislative session that starts in January.   In the testimony I highlighted two goals that continue to be among the highest community priorities:  “make housing equally available to people of all incomes.” And “improving health and expanding health care access.”

Background on How we Arrived at Community Goals

CHEER completed a community strategic plan for Takoma Park and Long Branch.  In doing so we conducted small group visioning and goal setting sessions for the Takoma Park and Long Branch community on housing, health, and the local economy, and later on youth development. Each of these groups was representative of the racial/ethnic and socio-economic diversity of the community.   Since then CHEER has worked to implement this plan. In doing so we have worked closely with immigrants, tenants and other underrepresented groups to update and learn more about barriers and challenges to achieving community goals. You can see the list of these goals updated for 2016 by clicking here.


Priority Goals

I would like highlight two of the high priority goals fr