Treating Diabetes with Fruits, Vegetables, and Friendship

A few months have passed since CHEER partnered with healthcare providers, Adventist Healthcare and Mobile Med, and local food providers, Manna and Crossroads Community Food Network, to initiate a program that uses food as medicine for patients with diet related illnesses and who do not have secure access to healthy food.  The Long Branch Healthy Food Access Program allows people, especially those suffering from diabetes, to receive twelve weeks of healthy food and be informed about healthier options in order to avoid any major symptoms or drawbacks. According to the CDC, diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which the body cannot process food properly in order to give a person the energy they need. As a result, diabetes increases the amount of sugar in the blood that over times causes complications, such as blindness, kidney failure, circulatory problems, and others that can lead to early death. Research has shown that consuming fruits and vegetables is likely to decrease the symptoms of diabetes and/or lower the risk of developing this disorder. Thus, the goal of the Food Access Program is to get people with diabetes to start eating more fruits and vegetables to improve their health.


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