Community Development

A strong community offers a rich source of fulfillment and empowerment to all of its members. Strong communities are able to connect all of its members to the resources that fulfill human needs which promote health and well being.  Hence, CHEER’s mission is to give people the knowledge and ability to create healthy thriving communities, so that people can experience high quality of life through their own collective efforts.

The importance of the work in our catchment:  In working with the community we find many people who are not well connected to others or involved in their communities.  They lack the supports and connections to meet many of their needs.  Consequently, CHEER conducts outreach to people who are less connected.  We make them aware of resources and opportunities. We provide instruction on how to navigate the institutional systems that offer the services they need. We provide training and supports in civic participation and leadership.

Survey Update  8/14:

We are ready for the next step in formulating a community wide vision for Long Branch development. The Long Branch Asset Mapping survey is ready online. Please see the links (English and Spanish) below and take the survey yourself and share with others.  We will announce this through the CHEER newsletter and other social media next week. We will also be doing targeted outreach to ensure the survey is representative of the community as a whole, including to those whose first language is not English. There are also specific questions tailored for middle and high school youth, so feel free to include them in your sharing. The survey will be open through September 11.  The consulting firm, &Access, will compile and share results by the end of September, at which time we would like to reassemble, share the results, and pursue next steps to formulating a community-wide vision for Long Branch development. 



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