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This site offers a wide variety of information about Takoma Park and its residents. Here you can find information from the demographic make-up of Takoma Park to crime statistics to housing information, hospital data and much more. This is a snapshot of general information in Takoma Park as a whole.


Health Montgomery is coordinating a County-wide community health improvement process, tracks more than 100 indicators of health and well-being at the county level, and provides information on programs and policies that work.

The Consumer Health Foundation provides leadership in improving health equity in the Washington DC area.

The Prevention Institute provides excellent information on how local communities can prevent illness and injury.

The Center on Health Disparities addresses the issues of health inequities in Frederick, Montgomery and Prince Georges Counties.



This site is a directory of all physicians and specialists in Takoma Park and the surrounding areas. It allows you to request an appointment and read background information on all practices.

The Maryland BRFSS offers a county analysis of a wide variety of health information. Here you can choose among the BRFSS portal, Maryland Cancer Surveys, Maryland Youth Tobacco Surveys, or the Maryland Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System. The BRFSS allows the user the ability to create cross-tabulated charts with varying health information for specific years and counties in Maryland. The MCS shows a variety of cancer information for individuals over 40 years old.

This website, the Selected Metropolitan/Micropolitan Area Risk Trends, uses the Maryland BRFSS to analyze the data of selected metropolitan areas (in this case, Bethesda-Gaithersburg-Frederick). It identifies emerging health problems in the area, analyzing data from such issues as colorectal cancer screening, chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension, women’s health and much more.

The Maryland Vital Statistics Administration offers a state-level comprehensive look into the births, deaths and all the information in between in the state of Maryland. Click on Reports to get the data.

This profiling system allows you to search for physicians in your area by last name or license number, after which it will give you all of their licensing information, practice location and any disciplinary actions the physician may have incurred.



The SBTDC is a partnership between the U.S. Small Business Administration and the University of Maryland College Park, links private enterprise, government, higher education and local economic development organizations to provide management, training and technical assistance to Maryland’s small businesses.

Maryland’s one-stop economic development shop strives to attract new businesses, stimulate private investment, encourage the expansion and retention of existing companies and provide Maryland business with workforce training and financial assistance. The Department markets local products and services at home and abroad.

Key Programs & Services

• Business information and economic analysis

• Site location services for relocations and expansions

• Incentive tax credits and training grants

• Finance and training programs

• Consulting services

• Foreign direct investment promotion

• Export assistance

• American Recovery and Reinvestment Act assistance

Financial assistance to private employers who retain jobs or stimulate new job creation in Montgomery County.

Information for:

  • Researching and Starting your Business in Montgomery County.

  • What should I know about federal taxes?

  • What Permits and Licenses does my business need?

  • How can I find a small-business friendly lawyer or accountant?

  • What is Procurement?


Direct loans or participation in loans made by other financial institutions to small businesses in Montgomery County.

MCAP is a revitalization resource to support the growth and success of small businesses in Priority Funding Areas throughout the State of Maryland. This is a credit enhancement program that enables private lenders to establish a loan loss reserve fund from fees paid by lenders, borrowers, and the State of Maryland. Communities that have small businesses receiving financing through loans enrolled will benefit from new or expanded services provided by the small businesses.

An alternative cash financing option, and other small business finance news and entrepreneurial events including financial news from around Maryland.

Information and mentorship for small businesses

NeighborWorks Capital’s loan products provide affordable and flexible capital for pre-development and acquisition of land and buildings for rental, for-sale and commercial projects from concept to construction to rehab during property operations.

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