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Making housing equally available to all income levels was one of the highest priorities in the Takoma Park and Long Branch community strategic plan in 2012 and has only become even more urgent as single family home prices have increased by significantly over the past 5 years,  CHEER published a housing report card and analyzed income diversity trends in Takoma Park to show challenges to Takoma Park’s diversity. 

The Takoma Park/Long Branch communities envision well maintained housing that is affordable, safe and energy efficient. Cultural, age and income diversity within neighborhoods is a priority, as well as easy access to work and public transportation. A community that promotes person-to-person interactions is highly desirable.

CHEER’s goals for housing:

1. Make housing equally available to all income levels.

2. Ensure that every neighborhood has an active neighborhood association, and every tenant community has an active
  tenant association.

3. Ensure that neighbors know each other and are involved in common projects and activities.

4. Community members are engaged in wellness activities such as nutrition, exercise, and social activities.

5. Ensure that renters have access to programs that prepare them to become homeowners.

6. Local residents have better information about local businesses and services.



Housing Resources:

Takoma Park

- Takoma Park Municipal Code for Housing

- Commission on Landlord Tenant Affairs (COLTA)

for more information visit The City of Takoma Park website at

Montgomery County Code Enforcement

- Housing Code Enforcement Handbook

- A Guide to Code Enforcement

Landlord Tenant

- Landlord Tenant Handbook 2015 (English, Spanish)

- What is Ordinary Wear & Tear (English, Spanish)

- Move In - Move Out Checklist

- Eviction Prevention Guide (English, Spanish)

- Condo Conversion Handbook (English, Spanish)


For more information visit Montgomery County Department of Housing and Community Affairs

website at or call 311


Voting Resources:

Takoma Park

- Takoma Park Voter Registration Application 

State of Maryland

- Maryland Voter Registration Application 


Additional Resources:

- Housing info one-pager & other data from Community Conversation on Afford Housing (PDF)

- Housing Presentation from Community Conversation on Afford Housing (PDF)

- Healthy Homes Tips (PDF)

- Healthy Homes Survey (PDF)

- Takoma Park Municipal Government by CHEER (spreadsheet)

- Montgomery County Council by CHEER (spreadsheet)

- Montgomery County Government

- Montgomery County Department of Health & Human Services

- Montgomery County Public Schools

- Montgomery County Department of Recreation

- Montgomery County Public Libraries

- Montgomery College

- Villages of Takoma Park

- Takoma/Langley Crossroads

- Takoma Foundation

- Action in Montgomery


- Renters Alliance


If you have any other questions about this program, please contact Bruce Baker at

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