Long Branch Collective Action For Youth

CHEER and YMCA Youth and Family Services are partnering to initiate a multi-year effort that brings community organizations, residents, and youth together to identify a common agenda and goals, agree on shared measures to achieve those goals, plan mutually reinforcing activities, and coordinate with other organizations to improve outcomes for middle and high school youth living in Long Branch.

LBCAY will conduct community engagement events, gather information and inputs related to youth and family to create a community wide vision, build relationships across organizations and people, and facilitate actions that enable and encourage youth to succeed.

A cross sector stakeholder group will guide this effort. It will be made up of business, faith government and youth leaders, human service providers, community organizations and youth. It will meet six times in 2020.  The stakeholder group will formulate vision and goals and agree on measures of progress.  Then it will formulate a unified plan of actions for Long Branch that utilizes current assets, coordinates activities, and proposes strategies that are most likely to lead to better outcomes for youth.

For more information about the LBCAY effort, please contact Bruce Baker by email at bruce@communitycheer.org


Please contact Bruce Baker, CHEER Executive Director, at bruce@communitycheer.org.