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Tenant Associations

CHEER Community Association (CCA) is a tool created to facilitate the process of helping Takoma Park renters start and sustain tenant associations, build and maintain community, increase civic engagement, develop and improve leadership skills, share information and resources, and build lasting and meaningful connections with new community members.

Renters face multiple challenges in maintaining quality housing, building community, and taking advantage of opportunities. In 2010, CHEER began supporting the tenants at Essex House -- a 135 unit property in Takoma Park -- to build a stronger community and improve their housing conditions.  CHEER helped a leadership team get the skills and resources to become an effective tenant association.  This experience prepared CHEER to provide similar services to multiple communities through the CHEER Community Association.

CCA Members

  • Hampshire Towers Apartments Tenant Association

  • Essex House Apartments Tenant Association

  • Carroll Garden Apartments Tenant Association

  • Park Ritchie Apartments Tenant Association

  • Victory Tower Apartments Tenant Association

"You helped us overcome fear. Tenants have few rights let alone the means to organize. Many landlords and their agents actively try to keep tenants from organizing. It's frightening and discouraging when you finally find a place to live only to discover that your landlord is reluctant to make repairs, effectively treat for bedbugs and rodents, and that he has found ways to evict neighbors who've complained. Vineda had our backs. She provided extensive, expert, crucial assistance which allowed us to confront the landlord with less fear of retribution. Vineda excels in helping others overcome differences and adversity and providing support to tenants."

-Susan, Carroll Garden Apartments

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If you have any other questions about this program, please contact Vineda Myers, Director of Housing Programs, at

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