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Volunteer to be our Event Coordinator!

About us

CHEER is an innovative and growing community based nonprofit serving the Long Branch/Takoma Park community.  We act as a facilitator and a catalyst in generating community driven activities to fulfill community defined goals.

Description of Activities
The volunteer serves all CHEER programs and activities.  As directed by the executive director and staff leadership, the volunteer plans, organizes, leads events.  This includes:
* assisting the executive director and staff in planning, organizing and leading events
* scheduling dates for CHEER events and maintaining the CHEER calendar of events
* working on events that include, and are NOT limited to, health outreach, monthly food access events, parents and community events, fundraisers, networking and trainings

Impact of Events Coordinator
Assisting CHEER staff in planning, organizing and conducting events helps CHEER serve the local community and publicize services, programs and activities.  As a result, more people take advantage of services and programs, become more engaged in the community, and become involved with CHEER.  The volunteer makes sure event logistics are completed

Background/Experience Needed
* experience in event planning and implementation
* experience working in a diverse community in organizing and setting up events
* patience and compassion
* enjoy helping others
* demonstrate good listening skills
* able to take guidance from multiples people and frequently work independently
Volunteers are sought who speak Spanish, Amharic and French

Time Commitment and Volunteer Location
Ideally, the volunteer is available for approximately 10 hours a week or 40 hours per month.  Activities may be week days, daytime or evening, as well as weekend daytime events.  Activities are done at the CHEER office, locations in the community, or from home

CONTACT: Ray Nosbaum,

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