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Volunteer to be our Communications Assistant! 

About us

CHEER is an innovative and growing community based nonprofit serving the Long Branch/Takoma Park community.  We act as a facilitator and a catalyst in generating community driven activities to fulfill community defined goals


Description of Activities

The volunteer assists the executive director and administrative manager in developing and implementing the CHEER marketing plan.  This includes:

*  programming the CHEER website, managing posts on the CHEER Facebook page and using multiple social media methods to promote CHEER

*  drafting blogs on program activities

*  writing and distributing a monthly newsletter

*  give input on the CHEER marketing plan


Impact of Communications Assistant

Describing CHEER’s mission and activities clearly results in better understanding for clients and the general public.  As a result, more people take advantage of CHEER programs, become more engaged in the community CHEER serves, and become involved with CHEER.  The volunteer will also be able to improve internal CHEER communication


Background/Experience Needed

*  good, clear writer able to take input from staff and prepare clear and understandable articles and postings for staff, volunteers, stakeholders, clients and the broader community

*  experience in programming a website

*  previous experience managing a Facebook page

*  experience working collaboratively with staff to prepare communications media

*  creativity using social media is invited

*  willingness to give input on broader communications goals and strategies

*  graphic skills to help CHEER marketing plan


Time Commitment and Volunteer Location

Time can be negotiated.  Activities may be done at home, the CHEER office or at CHEER sponsored events


CONTACT: Ray Nosbaum,

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