Youth Development

Providing for opportunities for all youth in Takoma Park to develop to their full potential is a priority community concern for Takoma Park and Long Branch.  CHEER has facilitated this priority by convening the Takoma Park Youth Collaborative and acting as fiscal agent for Lunch and Learn. 

The Youth Collaborative was formed in 2014 as a consequence of a community wide process examining what can be done to help young people make successful transitions to adulthood.  The Youth collaborative conducted the Who wants to Work challenge to teach young people, which teaches employment readiness skills to youth ages 16 to 21, and the Youth Entrepreneur Program, which takes youth ages 14 to 21 through the process of building and implementing a business idea.

Camp Piney Branch is a summer youth program at a new site in Long Branch. Camp Piney Branch provides continued academic support for families with school age children during the summer time. Camp Piney Branch provides breakfast and lunch to school aged children during the summer and also provides fun educational activities for families to do in groups or on their own.