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EVENT: June 1 -- Takoma Park renters go before the TKPK City Council on rent stabilization

7:30 PM

08 Jun 2016

CHEER has been facilitating a group of renters in examining weaknesses in Takoma Park's rent stabilization law. The renters are proposing that the City Council implement some changes that will provide for greater scrutiny and give renters a say in rent stabilization exemptions.  They are going before the Takoma Park City Council at the  June 1 evening session. This is intended to protect them from massive rent increases, such as the 40% to 72% rent increases that dozens of households at Hampshire Towers experienced last summer.



Note that this City Council Meeting will be held at the TP Recreation Center (7315 New Hampshire Ave, Takoma Park), not the TP Community Center on Maple Ave.  All are welcome to attend.  Supporters are urged to arrive at 7 pm.  The session starts at 7:30.

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