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Health Outreach & Referral Program

CHEER helps individuals receive the care they need when they need it by improving access to primary care providers in the Montgomery Care Safety network. Its referral program connect participants with primary care providers in very simple steps.

As the Affordable Care Act initiated its first open enrollment season in 2013 CHEER hired six community members from Takoma Park and Long Branch to provide information to reach out to others in the community to make healthcare more accessible.  After the open season in 2014 these “community outreach specialists” reached out to 637 community members to determine needs and make referrals to resources. They also followed up with them later to find out how the referral worked out.  They found that 50% of those in search of medical care and referred to safety net clinics were unable to get an appointment.  With the help of  generous grant from the Healthcare Initiative Foundation CHEER implemented a health care outreach and referral program to streamline the referral process and ensure that everyone who wants an appointment with a primary care provider can get one, and to support their utilization of the health care services that they need.

When people are unable to access primary health care, the entire community suffers in multiple ways: higher healthcare costs, worse health outcomes, and greater health inequities.   


Any Montgomery County resident without health insurance and has a household income of 250% of the federal poverty level or lower can get needs a primary care medical appointment.  Our community outreach specialists will help you get an appointment.  Call 301-589-3633, or visit our offices to make an appointment, or fill out the appointment form below.

Request a Referral

To request a referral, please fill out all spaces below along with what you are requesting and all available times you can meet with one our of specialists. We will contact you as soon as possible to make an appointment. If you would like to request a referral to our Healthy Food Access Program for individials with diabetes type 2, click here.

Maps of Services

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Clinics & Hospitals

Women's Health


Further Questions?

If you have any other questions about this program, please contact Karla Castro, at

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