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Health & Wellness Promotion

In 2013, in response to indicators showing extremely high levels of uncontrolled diabetes in the community CHEER initiated Diabetes Wellness Circles, which were support groups in which individuals with diabetes participated in conversations on diabetes related topics to provide support for improved self-management.  

CHEER has expanded its health promotion capacity by training community members and expanding its health outreach team as community health workers.  The community health workers received 40 hours of training from the Institute for Public Health Innovation including special training in diabetes.  Community health workers build personal relationships with community members to support them to better manage diabetes, eat healthy, and be physically active.


Diabetes continues to be a problem in the Takoma Park and Long Branch community and limited access to healthy food appears to be a significant driver. Community health workers play an important role in making healthy food accessible through the Long Branch Healthy Food Access Program.

For more information on CHEER health and wellness programs contact Kent Sovine at

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