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Apply to be our Housing and Community Development Volunteer! 

  • Number of Volunteers Needed: one

  • Volunteer Description: coordinate with the MD State representatives, Montgomery County planning staff, and Takoma Park officials. Learn about community land trusts and land ownership strategies. Advocate for cultural resiliency, public space, and healthy programming.

  • When Are Volunteeers Needed: as scheduled with CHEER Director and staff

  • Anticipated Amount of Time Needed: 3 hours a week through mid-May. Increasing thereafter at critical times to five hours (during relevant event programming or critical junctures).

  • Location for Volunteer Activity: CHEER office or as assigned

  • Background and Experience Needed: good writer, background knowledge about zoning and public space design desired, minutes or notetaking experience (fast writer or typist), local historical knowledge or area  residency >7 years is preferred, but not required

  • Orientation and Training: volunteers expected to arrive with good listening skills and anticipate on-the-job and as-needed training

  • Benefits: gratifying relationships, a letter documenting volunteer activity, Stipend or Visa/Master Card Gift Card, invite to CHEER community sponsored events, posting on CHEER  website, other incentives possible as they become available. Possible quarterly stipend.


   If you have any questions, please contact our volunteer coordinator Ray Nosbaum or fill out the form below.

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