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  • Bruce Baker

CHEER Community Association’s Renters’ Protections Meeting

Following the events culminating in drastic rent increases and displacement of some residents at Hampshire Towers Apartments in ward 6 of Takoma Park in August 2015, the CHEER Community Association has organized a meeting with several tenant association and rental community leaders for October 6. Takoma Park residents have reacted to the rent increases with shock, outrage, and disappointment . This meeting will provide for discussion and clarity on the issues that will lead to collective decisions to advocate for renters protections from practices that destabilize neighborhoods and communities in Takoma Park and Montgomery County. This meeting will be held in the Azalea room at the Takoma Park Community Center on October 6th at 7 pm, and among the participants will be City Council Members and a representative from County Council Member Marc Elrich’s office. Stay tuned for the results.

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