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  • Bruce Baker

Takoma Park and Long Branch Priority Goals

What are the top priorities that should drive our community improvement efforts over the next five years? CHEER recently asked this question of about 40 community leaders representing the diversity of Takoma Park and Long Branch. From a list of 22 goals related to housing, health, and the local economy that community members have set, four major long term concerns stand out: (1) Employment opportunity. (2) Health Care Access and Equity, (3) Housing Affordability, and (4) Neighborhood engagement and connections. Strong concerns were also expressed for creating safe and comfortable spaces for people to interact and for promoting local businesses.

Participants in the community strategic planning process also suggested intermediate goals to be addressed in the next two years and specific actions to be taken in the near future that will lead to fulfilling the longer term goals. Below is a list of the major goals. Click here to see the list of major goals and the related intermediate goals. A full report with suggested actions, resources and more is in preparation.

Goal 1: Employment opportunities are provided to the community and community members have access to training (in order) to obtain the skills they need to seek employment.

Goal 2: All people have access to health services and disparities are reduced.

Goal 3: Make housing equally available to all income levels.

Goal 4: Neighbors know each other and are involved in common projects and activities.

Goal 5: The community provides safe and comfortable space(s) for interaction and commerce and Other Sectors (government, nonprofit, academic, community) support the business sector and the business sector supports the community.

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