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  • Bruce Baker

Action Ideas: Be a part of the plan

Are you looking for ideas about how to improve your neighborhood?

In the recent community strategic planning process for Takoma Park and Long Branch community members shared dozens of ideas for achieving priority goals.

The priority goals center on six areas:

(1) Employment opportunity

(2) Health care access and equity

(3) Housing diversity

(4) Neighborhood engagement and connections

(5) Creating safe and comfortable spaces for people to interact and

(6) Promoting local businesses.

You can be a part of the plan and make it happen. Find ideas about how to make your community better.

Contact CHEER if you want to pursue any of the ideas listed in the report. We may be able to put you in contact with others who have the same idea.

If you have a new idea, then post it as a comment to this post, or contact CHEER. We may be able to help you find resources to make that idea a reality.

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